The Santa Monica Police Department is making it easier for business owners to keep trespassers off their property.

Instead of having to fill out a form in-person, business owners can now go online and give police officers permission to do periodic checks of their property and force trespassers to move along. Just fill out the Trespass Arrest Authorization form by going to

This applies to doorways, storefronts, back entrances, parking lots, and anywhere else that is considered private property. The SMPD’s goal is to partner with owners or property managers to provide routine checks of the property to deter trespassing violations.

Enforcement may include advising individuals who do not have authority to be on the premises to leave, as well as making arrests for trespassing and participate in any subsequent court proceedings, police said.

The Trespass Arrest Authorization form will be valid for 30 days. If property owners are submitting the form for a vacant address, the Trespass Arrest Authorization form is valid for six months, police said. The owner or property manager will receive an e-mail notification five days prior to the expiration of the form. The notification will serve as a reminder that the form has to be filled out again using the same process.

Those with questions should call the SMPD Homeless Liaison Program (HLP Team) at (310) 458-8953. To report all suspicious activity, immediately call (310) 458-8491.

For emergencies and crimes in progress, call 911.

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