Santa Monica, I have loved you so. I loved you from the moment I set eyes on you in 1984; every day, every moment of the day, morning, noon and night. You were clean and happy and you smelled good. I loved you.

Today you are crying and I cry with you. Your heart, once feeling peaceful and tolerant and continuos joy, has been ripped from you. Now you feel bloated and rightly so. They are forcing you to grow like a goose liver.

You are depressed and so are your friends. You are not being cleaned and with you we are embarrassed by all the chewing gum and dog pee everywhere. You have been heavily mistreated, abused and sold out many times over.

You welcomed the mean and greedy who abused you to fill their pockets. The good part is that you are going to hit the headlines soon. You’ll be nicknamed sister city of Bell. I know you are looking forward to that.

Until then, breathe deep. This too shall pass.


Liliane Pelzman

Santa Monica

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