As one of the many long-time residents of Santa Monica alarmed at the unprecedented and disturbing pro-development tack that the city of Santa Monica and its City Council is taking, I was very pleased to see the article by Mark David Simpson that you published on Nov. 13 on the mysterious change in the LUCE allowing residential units to be re-zoned as commercial (“Resident group, City Hall propose correction to LUCE,” page 1).

The influx of development campaign contributions to the majority pro-development City Council members is extremely disturbing as it defeats any possibility that residents will be able to prevent the ruin of their neighborhoods and peace of mind through the ballot box. I do hope that you and your writers will keep your eye on these shocking developments and bring such possibly corrupt actions to the attention of the city’s residents. Hopefully, this may prompt some more reasonable persons to run for the City Council and other positions to challenge existing members despite the power of the campaign contributions for incumbent pro-development candidates. Keep up the good work.


Jeff Nugent

Santa Monica

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