In the magical realm where Santa Monica staff and City Council members reside, 3 million more square feet of office and residential space in a crowded city of 8 square miles will not add one extra car trip, strain municipal services or disrupt any neighborhoods. All the city’s happy residents and newcomers will shun cars and bike to work, shops, school and entertainment venues. There will be no extra pollution from wall-to-wall vehicular traffic because their “studies” show there will be no impact.

In the real world, residents have repeatedly (and fruitlessly) complained to the City Council about the unsightly overbuilding already happening and planned for the future.

Apparently the members’ ears are tuned to hear only arguments from developers, but not the voices of residents. When all the dense, high-rise ugly buildings are finished and block the sun and air that made this beach town special, we’ll have a mini-Manhattan, complete with the residential slums of tomorrow.


Harriet P. Epstein

Santa Monica

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