There have been several recent letters related to grossly overpaid city employees, including the city manager, administrators, attorneys, police and firefighters. I concur that these Bell-like salaries, overtime payouts and benefits are obscene.

Unfortunately, no one has raised one extremely important point, that these outrageous salaries will form the base amount of what these city employees will receive for the rest of their lives when they retire — along with the other golden parachute-like benefits they will receive, which taxpayers will be obligated to pay.

The only people who appear to support and defend the indecent salaries and benefits are those who are paid them, like City Manager Rod Gould, and Sky Lambert, a Santa Monica Police officer who, unlike Gould, failed to identify himself as such while defending these scandalous overpayments.

In other words, what a scam being perpetuated by public employees on us taxpayers.


Virginia Isaacs

Santa Monica

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