Thursday night I went to the North of Montana Association meeting. Palisades Park was the major agenda item with three City Council members and two members of the Recreation & Parks Commission present.

I’m sure I noticed the same thing, as everyone at the meeting, the position of Kevin McKeown on trainers in Palisades Park. It is very clear that he always includes in each sentence when he explains why he voted for the ordinance, that he would not hesitate to bring up the vote again, to outlaw groups and apparatuses from this particular park.

In my opinion, his statements are a winning position for next year’s election and anything short of that is a loser.

Personally, I hope that others strongly and publicly advocate to put Palisades Park in the non-group trainer category and also eliminate all apparatuses, even for one-on-one trainers, before the ordinance is implemented. This is the only way to show respect for the sanctity of our treasured landmark and at the same time abide by wishes of the absolute clear majority of residents, neighborhood associations, and community organizations.


Ken Robin

Santa Monica

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