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I have to respond to Sara Binder’s letter regarding the 42 firemen making over $200,000 a year (“Fire department is tops,” Letters to the Editor, Oct. 31). I would smile. Maybe she’s the wife of one of them. Good money is $60,000 a year, not $200,000. Firemen have conned the country, running on the coattails of police who deserve good pay. Then the lifeguards got it. They rip off the taxpayer.

Three years ago, L.A. County advertised for 100 fireman; 1,800 applied — it’s not that dangerous. Most calls are for medical emergencies, not fire. They send out three trucks when one ambulance with two EMS would be sufficient. Most of the time firemen are seen at the beach or Vons or Ralphs shopping. They use the fire trucks for this. Why don’t they use their own cars instead when fire engines get 5 miles per gallon? Most of the time they are issuing citations to apartments and condos to embellish the city coffers.

One fire fighter in L.A. actually runs a brewery making beer while employed full-time. In any other job, this would be impossible. Pay them $30 an hour while fighting fires then minimum wage the rest of the time. It does not take into account their medical and pension benefits.

There are lots of people in rural areas across the USA who are volunteer firemen. They are the champions. Thank you, Daily Press, informing us how the city of Santa Monica is over bloated with employees for the size of the city. The city manager protects them. The fox is in the hen house.


Rod Hugh

Santa Monica

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