Why not a remodel of the remaining movie theatres already on the Third Street Promenade such as the one that was successfully done at the Royal Theatre in West L.A. (“Coming attractions,” Nov. 2-3, The Q-Line). It could be a novel approach, if done well, and with imagination on the lively promenade. Several potentially fine theatres just steps apart! The most attractive of the movie houses on the promenade has been just recently closed.

Yes, Santa Monica Place needs more local traffic. Too bad they didn’t put a housewares department in Bloomingdale’s. Except for Sears, and its ever diminishing choice, you can’t buy a set of sheets, etc., in this town anymore with the loss of Macy’s.

Bloomingdale’s [had] a much advertised housewares sale over the weekend. Santa Monicans have to go to other communities to check it out, as they increasingly do for just about everything needed to keep house and home together. Earth to City Council — more lost tax revenue.

How about one floor of Bloomingdale’s chic clothing, and one floor — or at least part of it — for housewares for the locals? This would bring more locals in for the many good things Santa Monica Place has to offer and tax revenue for the city as well. Could be a win-win.


Mary Kay Gordon

Santa Monica

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