Palisades Park (File photo)
Palisades Park (File photo)


The vote by the mayor and the City Council, facilitated by the parks commission, to provide an ordinance that separates some parks as non-commercial and others as commercial, and, without protecting the sanctity of Palisades Park specifically, spotlights our city’s willingness to disenfranchise our neighborhood associations (“Trainers say new fitness fees too high,” Oct. 10).

The justification that the associations were not involved until it was too late in the process, does not hold water. There was, without question, a clear message delivered to the council and commission by the neighborhood boards in very ample time to carry out their desires. The unwillingness by the council and commission to make the desired changes to the proposal this week is noted.

If the parks commission and council aren’t able to figure out how to solidly get behind the idea of honoring our most precious land quick, I don’t really see how any of them can imagine themselves being around after the next election. Their was no ordinance prior to this vote because it was just common sense that our bluff, looking out, as a gateway to the oceans and beyond, deserves more respect than we are showing.

Palisades Park is more than a pad of grass, it is the heart of the community in so many ways. The ordinance is a result of a lack of discipline to protect our city, over many years. Instead of fixing the problem, they just institutionalized the encroachment. The passing of the ordinance, as is, is a very sad day for our city. And it is a bleak commentary for the future of our neighborhood associations.


Ken Robin

Santa Monica

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