It was great to read that (Editor-in-Chief Kevin Herrera) rides his bike to work every day (“Pedal power,” Oct. 17). I am concerned though that you only stop at “some” stop signs because it would take too much energy to truly obey the traffic laws completely and stop all the time.

I drive a taxi in Santa Monica and not a day goes by where people on bikes don’t blow through stop signs and lights like they didn’t exist. The worst part is that if a driver says something it’s like the driver broke the law and not the person on the bike. How would you like it if I said that “coming to a complete stop in my taxi is a pain in the neck so I’ll only stop completely once in a while?”

If you want the privilege of sharing the streets with everyone then you need to obey “all” the traffic laws all of the time and not just some of the time. If bike riders can’t do that then they should take a bus or ride on a bike path.


Sandy Clair

Santa Monica

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