Now, after two weeks, we have our Congress back from their strike. What? You read that correctly, for that is exactly what it was. Our congressmen stayed home from their jobs, jobs they were elected to and signed an oath to obey. Remember when the traffic controllers went on strike? Reagan forced them to go back to work or they would be fired. He did that because he said it would shut down the country. Well, this did shut down the country!

Fire our congressmen! This would send a message to other legislators who think they could disrupt our government again. It should be considered an act of treason to shut down our government. … Now that would send a message to the next Congress! Maybe these overpaid, privileged, childish misfits might get the message.

Shutting down the government — really! What will it take to cause us to revolt? Maybe shutting down satellite television? Oh and we could get the youth of America to join us older folks by shutting down their communication satellites. They would not have anything to do and out of boredom they would join our cause.

We are very close to witnessing an angry public breaking loose and shouting, “Enough.” All it will take to cause mass hysteria is a shutdown of the improbable to cause another improbable to occur.


Jim Bardene

Marina del Rey, Calif.

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