When the night is coming up to its end,

I watch one and the same wonderful landscape

The sky becomes less dark eastward

And the red-hot wire is included along the hill of San Bernardino.


It’s like a hidden generator is set up

Under high voltage

And windows of the south Irvine’s buildings are flashing

By the first sunrise reflection.


In the north, is not yet sunlit

The heaven is solemn and strict.

Moon like old gold guinea

Hangs above the Santa Monican mountain.


Perhaps, it’s time to wake up the ocean

He could miss the entire approaching day.

Untouched salt water surface

Looks like the unwashed marble floor.


This image will last a brief moment.

The heavenly body is exploded instantly,

And rich orange colour

Is applied to the gray oceanic plain.


Viktor Rayzman

Santa Monica

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