City Hall (File photo)
City Hall (File photo)
City Hall (File photo)

The fountain at Ken Genser Square is fully functional, city officials said.

Contractor W.E. O’Neil and designer Fluidity had been working with city officials to fix a minor leak that was occurring on the base of the water feature.

The issue has been resolved and the fences around the fountain were removed for the official opening of the square this past weekend.

Officials will monitor the fountain for 30 days before signing off on the project.

Floating plants, like the ones in the fountains across the street at Tongva Park, will be added once the water levels neutralize, city officials said.

The fountain is a part of the $42.3 million park project, which includes Ken Genser Square and Tongva Park.

The fountain replaced the 52 rose bushes of the Memorial Rose Garden. In honor of the roses, the fountain features 52 basins and 52 water jets. Water ultimately flows to Tongva Park across the street, symbolically connecting the two spaces.



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