I’ve been reading David Pisarra’s columns for several years, and have enjoyed his thoughtful style, good leads about interesting things going on in town, and his boosterism for our small city.

Recently though, I’ve wondered if he was being a bit too Pollyanna in view of rapidly changing conditions in our fair seaside town, measuring a mere 8.5 square miles. I wondered, for example, what he thought of the new view across the street from his gym, the soon-to-be-completed rabbit hutch apartments, scrunched together in a cluster of generic apartment buildings.

Given his penchant for good will and civility, I’ve even wondered what he thought about parking meter and parking ticket price creep, needed mostly, it turns out, to cover administration costs for the credit cards, and where it is now impossible to leave even 10 minutes on the meter for a fellow citizen, much less get an extra 10 minutes for yourself to finish an errand, a meeting, or a meal. When time is up, the meter doesn’t budge unless the car does.

It’s good to see he too can get hot under the collar or peeved, as fast growing numbers of us are, over relentless, short-sighted changes in city affairs across the board.


Mary Kay Gordon

Santa Monica

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