In my opinion, there has been a consistent, concerted effort for maybe more than 20 years to distract voters in such a way as to further squeeze the air out from already suffocating neighborhoods north of Santa Monica Place. Trainers at Palisades Park is another example of how it is done (“Trainers say new fitness fees too high,” Oct. 9).

If you try to add up the amount of green parkland north of Colorado Avenue you will be hard pressed to find even one full playing field if you exclude Palisades Park. At the same time, There are several hundred acres south. Just in the one area near the Santa Monica Airport you can see the difference: Clover Park is 17.9 acres and Airport Park is 4 acres. Clover Park is a large park at the airport and it serves the neighborhood directly west of the airport. Virginia Avenue Park is closer than Stewart Street Park to the airport. It’s 9.5 acres. Stewart is 3.8 acres and Marine is probably 10 acres.

People north are being condensed in the congestion. A few trainers (that know exactly how to pick the finest real estate) have organized and created a stir with their clients to dominate our tranquility with commercial enterprises at different locations in the last and only sanctuaries for all the population, north, and for people that visit.

Trainers under the proposed city ordinance will be able to undercut our local business establishments and, at the same time, use our prime real estate as the neighborhoods look on disconcertingly.

I feel that our City Council should reconsider the proposed ordinance, save our last area of breathing space from commercial encroachment, and put a complete moratorium on trainers in Palisades Park. The trainers are very industrious people, they will find another place to make it work for their clients, and, not at the expense of our last tiny little bit of green.


Ken Robin

Santa Monica

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