My economics professor taught us “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”

The Big Blue Bus says only 3.8 percent of riders use transfers (“Big Blue Bus considers eliminating transfers,” Sept. 27, page 1). Ergo, in a long bus with 100 passengers 96 riders are poor folks whose home is luckily on the same line where their job is, and their doctor’s office is, and their child’s day care center is, and their grocery store is, and their emergency hospital is, and their favorite restaurant is, and the best discount store is, and they never need a transfer because so many lines now detour around giant construction sites, and they never leave Santa Monica and need a transfer to another bus system, yadda yadda yadda. Where is this magical address where you never need a transfer?

The paradox in this theory is that double charging the tiny 3.8 percent of poor riders who need transfers will provide tons of money the Big Blue Bus needs to serve the remaining 96 percent of riders who don’t need any extra bus service in he first place.


Joe Lindquist

Santa Monica

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