The Fairmont Miramar Hotel, located on Wilshire Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.
The Fairmont Miramar Hotel was targeted in a poll of Santa Monica voters paid for by the rival Huntley Hotel. (Daniel Archuleta

CITYWIDE — The Santa Monica electorate doesn’t want more construction, according to a recent survey paid for by The Huntley Hotel and performed by Lake Research Partners.

A slight majority of the 404 likely voters said they opposed development while only 15 percent said they favored it.

Traffic congestion and parking issues were cited by voters as their primary reasons for opposition to expansion.

Results showed that 69 percent of questioned voters opposed taller buildings and higher density development. Another 26 percent favored tall buildings and increased density.

As it is currently proposed, the Downtown Specific Plan, which is intended to dictate how land is used in the area, would increase density allowances, but caps building heights at 84 feet. Developers could still propose taller projects but would have to perform their own environmental impact reports and negotiate community benefits with the City Council.

Residents have been engaged in spirited debates regarding development, with some raising concerns about increased traffic generated by projects and the potential loss of ocean views and breezes. Others have called for a some growth to help generate tax revenue and provide much-needed housing and job opportunities.

Results for those in favor of the Fairmont Miramar expansion were not released, but 57 percent of the electorate opposed the expansion, according to the poll.

Owners of the Huntley Hotel and the Fairmont Miramar have been locked in a heated battle over the Miramar’s proposal of an expansion. The proposal is expected to go before City Council in 2014 and includes 280 rooms, 120 condos, and a 320-foot spire.

The survey was conducted over the phone in September.

The questions were:

In general, do you favor more development in Santa Monica, less development in Santa Monica or is the amount of development in Santa Monica happening in Santa Monica about right?

Do you favor or oppose changing height and density requirements to allow more high rise and higher density buildings in Santa Monica?

• As you may know, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel on Ocean Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard has proposed a redevelopment of the current property that would turn the current hotel into a mixed-use hotel and condominium residence, 320 feet high with 21 stories, with up to 120 market-rate condominiums and between 12 and 40 affordable housing units, 280 hotel guest rooms, underground parking, food and beverage facilities, retail space, spa, meeting and event facilities, and open space areas on site. From what you’ve heard, would you favor or oppose this redevelopment?

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