Re: “Old habits die hard,” Your Column Here, Oct. 3.

In a few weeks I’ll be 91. Four operations and a proud veteran of World War II, five D-Days landing the Marines in the Pacific.

I own a car and still drive.

Two or three times each week, Access Paratransit picks me up at home and drives me 25 miles. Cost is $3.25 for over 20 miles. Less than 20 miles is $2.25. We must make an appointment a day in advance. It is either a van or a taxi. At times I must share the ride; 24 hours around the clock.

To be approved, first they will send a car for you; the office is in Downtown L.A. The car will bring you home and there is no charge. For me, this is great. There’s a 6 a.m. pickup and 9 p.m. pickup to come home.

This may not be the answer for that old man of 70; two sides to every story, positive and negative.

Tell that “old man” and his wife, Elaine, to call me if they wish.


Jack Hyam

Santa Monica

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