A Tea Party is happening in Washington, D.C.

Where people speak of budgets and things

They call apples, oranges;

A Tea Party where fools reign supreme.


The Mad Hatter asked Alice who are these people?

There is the Cheshire Cat; so orange is he,

Grinning his grin saying No, no, no.

The rest, sycophants; supposedly govern for the people.


Alice asked; Did they shut the government down?

Did they vote to make it stop?

Cheshire Cat, “Oh no, nothing like that; we just don’t vote.”

Don’t vote, yet get paid while millions go without.

Curiouser and curiouser is this Congress thing said Alice.

What a marvelous job; do nothing, yet get paid.


This is the best Tea Party ever.

The Cheshire Cat grins; him they quote

“No, no, we won’t take a vote.”

The ship of state is sinking and no one cares.

Of course not; only the people go down with the boat.


“Off with their heads” cried the Queen.

Yes, yes, say the people,

They don’t use them anyway.

And the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party continued on.


Bob Wolff

Santa Monica

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