It turned my stomach to see the level of payments being made to Santa Monica city employees (“Bringing home the bacon: breakdown of highest-paid employees,” Sept. 14-15). According to your report, the top seven city employees each received between $352,889 and $256,207 during 2012. And these payouts do not include benefits, which could easily add another 25 percent or more to these costs.

Your article goes on to say that Santa Monica is facing budget deficits in the near future. Small wonder, if this is the way the city is spending our money. These employee salary levels are outrageous to many of us who struggle to make ends meet on our retirement savings and more modest incomes.

Surely, we can find capable city employees for less pay. Could you please let us know who approves these salaries on our behalf?

For those readers who missed your report, it can be found online at www.smdp.com/breakdown-of-highest-paid-city-employees.


Faustino Garza

Santa Monica

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