No offense intended to the city of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Airport Commission or SMO users, but when the Santa Monica Daily Press headline is “Crashes up, flights down at SMO in recent years,” isn’t it time to close the airport, make a grand museum to flying with an emergency area for life/safety copter use and roll out the grass and vegetation?

Then the officials of all the aforementioned can smile in the photo op as they accept the Green Award for 2014!

Cut your losses. Quit while you are somewhat ahead. Representing lots of folks under the SMO flight path, Mike Bonin, the newly-elected, Westside city councilman, who is both charismatic and telegenic, has already spoken out, with lots of statistics, since the latest loss of life at SMO. Get out of Oz before a Dorothy pulls the curtain all the way back.


Kyle Conrad

Venice Beach, Calif.

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