The Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation, a project of the independent K-12 Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, announced via a press release Monday a science learning partnership with Santa Monica’s McKinley Elementary.

The foundation’s P.S. Science program will deliver hands-on, interactive science instruction throughout the year to first-grade McKinley students; it will expand to include second graders in 2014 and third graders in 2015.

“In most schools, if science is taught it’s usually textbook-based,” said Martha Goldstein, a Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation board member. “What P.S. Science offers is hands-on, interactive, exploratory science education.”

Since 2006, P.S. Science has targeted students at disadvantaged Title I schools — Saint Anne School of Santa Monica and William Green Elementary of Lawndale, Calif. With the program’s expansion into McKinley Elementary, P.S. Science will reach more than 600 students during the 2013-14 school year.

“One of the values is that we have a curriculum, we have resources to bring into the classroom to conduct experiments and really make it exciting for the kids to learn science,” Goldstein said.

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