Santa Monica City Hall (Daniel Archuleta
Santa Monica City Hall (Daniel Archuleta
Santa Monica City Hall (Daniel Archuleta


Thank you for your article on the outrageous salaries Santa Monica city officials are paying themselves (“Bringing home the bacon: Breakdown of highest-paid city employees,” Sept. 14-15). As a business owner in Santa Monica for the past 25 years, I feel Santa Monica officials, as public employees, are allowing themselves to be paid more than is justified for the skills set that is required for their jobs.

For example, how can Santa Monica Police Sgt. Jaime Hernandez and Assistant City Manager Elaine Polachek be paid $293,264 and $283,312, respectively?

The average salary for a teacher in Santa Monica was $72,360 in 2011 and the average salary for a soldier deployed in Afghanistan is $38,000. The salary of the speaker of the house — $223,500 for life! The salary of majority/minority leader in Congress is $193,400 for life.

These are some of the salaries of our public officials that represent a rip off. I suggest the citizens of Santa Monica create a voter referendum and readjust Santa Monica officials’ salaries so that these salaries are more in line with reality.

How does a Santa Monica police sergeant deserve $293,264 in annual salary? The director of the FBI does not make that kind of money annually, why should a policeman?


Mark Centkowski

Santa Monica


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