Traffic is bad in Santa Monica because the city intentionally makes it bad! They call it “traffic calming.” I call it “driver enraging.”

They delete driving lanes from streets by building mid-street islands and bicycle lanes, and building out curbs at corners so that right-turning cars can’t get out of the flow of traffic. They put bike lanes on the most heavily traveled streets, when there are parallel low-traffic streets that would be safer for everyone.

They set the stop lights so that drivers going the speed limit will be held up at every light. It’s especially evident when coming home from the airport on Lincoln Boulevard. In L.A., the lights turn green as you approach. You know you’re in Santa Monica when every light turns red in your face.

They take massive numbers of curb-side parking spaces out of circulation for the questionable benefit of local homeowners who have their own on-site parking, causing shoppers and business employees to cruise around to find parking.

The traffic problem is not the fault of the residents, shoppers and workers in Santa Monica. It is the City Council!


Harvey S. Frey

Santa Monica

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