I keep hearing politicians saying that their action in shutting down the government unless the new healthcare law is delayed for a year is proper and is what the people want as the majority of the people are opposed to the new law.

It makes me wonder when these politicians began caring about what the people want. The percentage of people who are opposed to the new healthcare law is far less than the 90 percent of the people who wanted stricter gun laws, yet these same politicians didn’t seem to care what this large majority wanted.

My personal view is that the system is broken, but not beyond repair. I suggest that we limit all U.S. senators to one eight-year term and all U.S. congressmen to one six-year term. In neither case could a senator or a congressman later seek a seat in the other house. By doing this, these elected representatives would not have to worry about raising funds for their next campaign and thus just could do what’s right for the country.


Mark Kaiserman

Santa Monica

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