GLOW 2013 (Paul Alvarez Jr.)
GLOW 2013 (Paul Alvarez Jr.)


Sept. 21 was the annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Roughly 11,000 volunteers came to the beach and donated their time to manually sift a total of 24,000 pounds of trash from the sand. Much of the debris is too small to be picked up by machines, for instance cigarette butts, which have to be picked up by hand.

Fast forward one week. On Sept. 28, as part of Santa Monica GLOW, an estimated 150,000 people came to the beach and trashed it up again. Everyone at City Hall who was involved in scheduling GLOW one week after (not before) the volunteer-driven Coastal Cleanup Day deserves to be fired for incompetence. These people are unqualified for a planning job in Santa Monica.

This is yet another example of City Hall’s profound ignorance and insensitivity to the community.


Reinhard Kargl

Santa Monica

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