I am writing in response to recent “Meaning of Lila” comic strips that have been published in the Daily Press. I would be the last one to encourage the Daily Press to be politically correct, however, having read multiple days of the comic making slurs about Jewish people, I cannot help asking the Daily Press, what are you thinking?

This is not an author sharing his life experiences about friends and family, nor is this Carlos Mencia doing equal opportunity offending for the purpose of self-reflection. This is merely selective offending, of one group, for the purpose of lowbrow humor.

Frankly, I am surprised that John Forgetta, who normally has his comic strip focus on promoting tolerance and acceptance for the gay community, would feel the desire to make slurs on another group.

It would be nice to see the Daily Press have its comics reviewed by its editorial department, with the question as to whether the comic strip has a reasonable message, and if not, is there at least an important reason for an unreasonable message to be printed.


Jeff Segal

Santa Monica

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