The Meaning of Lila
The Meaning of Lila


Your Lila comic on Sept. 23 has Lila on a Jewish dating site and one friend says, “But you’re not Jewish.” Lila answers and says, “So, I’ll stretch the truth already. Is that so wrong?” Her other pal says, “Maybe she is Jewish.”

The implication here is that Jews are all liars and cheats. Ha, ha. This may be funny to Hitler, or Mel Gibson, but I hope most people would find this offensive. I’m shocked your paper printed this racist garbage.

Martin Sampson

Santa Monica



Editor’s note: The Daily Press would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by the “Meaning of Lila” comic strip that ran in the Sept. 23 edition of this newspaper. We regret publishing the cartoon and do not consider racism to be a laughing matter.

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