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Expo Light Rail Line


Note the following activities:

1. Colorado Avenue between Fifth and 17th streets: Expect westbound and eastbound lane closures during daytime hours. Expect reduction of travel lanes during the non-peak daytime hours at Fifth, Sixth and Seventh streets, Lincoln Boulevard, and 11th Street at Colorado Avenue. Alleys on the north side of Colorado between Sixth and 17th streets will have limited access at Colorado during nighttime hours. Sidewalk closures on south side of Colorado between Lincoln and 14th Streets.

2. Colorado Avenue between Main Street and Lincoln Boulevard: Expect westbound and eastbound lane closures during nighttime hours, 9 p.m.-8 a.m. (Sunday to Thursday) on Colorado, Fourth Street, Sixth Street, 11th Street and Lincoln Boulevard.

3. 26th Street between Michigan Avenue and Olympic Boulevard: Northbound lane closures during non-peak travel hours, 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

4. Cloverfield and Olympic boulevards: Street closure along Olympic between 20th Street and Cloverfield. Nightly closures are scheduled between 10 p.m.-6 a.m. from Sept. 22-27. Additional information is available at or call (213) 922-EXPO (3976).



Annual Street Resurfacing


The contractor will be repairing sidewalks north of Wilshire Boulevard. Impact to traffic should be minimal but partial lane closures may be necessary at times. For more information, contact Hany Demitri, civil engineer, at (310) 458-8721 ext. 5385.




Santa Monica Pier Renewal


Construction will continue and is estimated to conclude in spring 2014. The pier and its businesses will remain open during construction. Contact Curtis Castle, civil engineer, at (310) 458-8721 if you have any questions.



Parking Structure No. 6


There will be periodic sidewalk closures on Second Street between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard through Sept. 21. There will be periodic northbound lane closures through Sept. 21 for materials deliveries on Second Street between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard. Temporary traffic control signs and barricades will be deployed to guide vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and around the work areas. Materials delivery work will take place in the alley behind the parking structure (Second Court), with partial alley closures taking place through Sept. 21. All work will take place Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.



Wastewater Main Improvements Citywide


The contractor is scheduled to perform cleaning, video and lining of the sewer main on Georgina Avenue between First Court and Ocean Avenue and at Palisades Park between Georgina Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard. This work will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please use alternate routes whenever possible. For more information, contact Carlos Rosales, construction manager, at (310) 458-8721.



The Village


The No. 2 lane on Ocean Avenue in the northbound direction will be closed between 1733 Ocean Ave. and Arcadia Terrace for sidewalk, curb and gutter renovation. The No. 1 lane will be available in the northbound direction. Contact Gary Vitale of Pankow Builders with any questions or concerns at (510) 772-8836.





No traffic delays are anticipated. Please avoid using the alley if possible between the business hours of 7 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information on this project, contact Kris Jaghasbanian at (408) 314-7380.



Santa Monica High School


Monday, Sept. 16, Seventh Court between Seventh Street and Olympic Boulevard will be closed from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. for relocating underground utilities. Northbound lane closures on Fourth Street, just north of Pico Boulevard, which will limit left and right hand turns from and onto Fourth Street. For more information, contact Lucy Fairweather at (310) 450-8338 ext. 70-386



High Place East


There will be delivery trucks throughout the week on Cloverfield Boulevard between Interstate 10 and Virginia Avenue, and on Virginia Avenue between Cloverfield and 27th Street for the development of 45 affordable housing units. Please use alternate routes whenever possible. For more information on this project, contact Donnie Krueger at (949) 254-8153.



Advanced Traffic Management Systems Project


The contractor will be making traffic signal upgrades at the intersection of Ocean Park Boulevard and Main Street and several other locations on Main Street between Pico Boulevard and Marine Street. Said work will place the signal in flashing red or may force the signal to shut down completely, which would turn the intersection into a 4-way stop. Impact to traffic should be minimal. The contractor will also install conduits on the south side of Ocean Park Boulevard beneath the sidewalk between Lincoln Boulevard and Barnard Way. Construction time will be 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM for conduit work and 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM for signal work. For more information, please contact the project hotline at (866) 755-7679 and/or Glenn Paras, Inspector, 714-493-7017, or Hany Demitri, Civil Engineer, 310-458-8721 ext. 5385 City of Santa Monica. For more info, go to:


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