Santa Monica, unlike Southern California in general, is the last to realize that a trend has passed. California used to make trends. Santa Monica copies trends until the toner runs out.

Fred Segal site slated for development (“Development proposed for Fred Segal site,” Sept. 5)? You mean one of the last one-story sites with parking will be leveled? Oh yeah, make it multi-use. That went the way of cafeteria/gyms where a peanut butter sandwich smelled like a 10-day-old locker-dried towel to the students who tried to eat in the cafeteria.

As far as the parking meters that don’t let you use the maximum time limit unless you put in your money all at once, listen up, the City Council does not want you or your business, they just want your money. Living trusts to Santa Monica in lieu of Big Blue Bus transfers will be the next request of council.

That lemon of a fountain in front of City Hall should have been poured in place by an experienced pool contractor. Instead they built a pre-cast assembly with joints for days that took cranes and a moving super structure of I beams to put the pieces in place, only to fail to do the deed. That is, connect City Hall to the Santa Monica Pier via a green park. Recall, anyone?


Leif Johanson

Santa Monica

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