Here are the facts about planned density and sustainability. No matter what “cutting edge” technology you incorporate into a building, it will not end up mattering if you build too many buildings, most especially if they are all way larger than what they replace, because in those buildings there will be too many new people that will use resources that will exceed the savings the technology can provide. The demand for water will exceed the supply at a time when we are already being asked to severely restrict its use. The sewer system will eventually be overburdened. The power grid will undoubtedly experience regular “brownouts” and “blackouts” at a time when we are already told to “cut back” on our power usage and when to use it.

These high-density buildings, most of which are being proposed with either no parking or inadequate parking, have a proven track record of attracting a majority of tenants with cars they have nowhere to put. This means even more, especially for children, lung-damaging air pollution caused by even more fuel-wasting gridlock than we are experiencing now. This will also cause even more collateral traffic than we have now to be speeding through residential neighborhoods, looking for a way around the madness and way too many more cars looking to share the same number of parking spaces.

I do not know about you, but that is not the way I or any sane current resident, whether they live in the smallest rental or the largest mansion, knowing all the facts, would want the future of their city to look like! Nor should we be made to suffer the consequences, forced on us by a misguided and foolish city government, that will cause other brainwashed souls to live in a future like that!

It doesn’t matter which way the density and sustainability wackos try to spin their numbers, it is all developers’ spoon-fed crap! It reminds me of the old joke about the customer who was told that “the more he spent, the more he would save,” to which he replied, “How much do I have to spend to get everything for free?” By the same token, the city of Santa Monica wants us to believe that the more sustainable, densely packed housing they build that we will eventually not be wasting or using any resources at all! Sounds pretty asinine to me!


Wil Norse

Santa Monica

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