When I first moved to Santa Monica and took my first early morning bus ride, I was shocked to see mothers or fathers putting their young children on public buses, leaving them to go to school alone.

When I read the SMDP article “Police offer back-to-school safety tips” (Community Briefs, Aug. 22), 16 of them to try to safely get your child to school and back, I was outraged at the dangers involved on those trips.

All of this could be taken care of — assured safety of our children — with only one action: school buses for all children. I have lived in many cities, in many states, even others in California and all of them have had school buses.

While my child was of school age, I lived in Williamstown, Mass., 7,000 population, and we had a school for every child.

There was so much after-school activity that after our 3 p.m. buses, school buses ran every hour until 5 p.m.

One year, after the first day of school, our neighborhood children brought home a note from their principal that a survey had been made which determined that our children lived too close to the school to require a school bus, so theirs was canceled.

Immediately I phoned the principal, and did not request, but demanded the bus continue, as I later learned a parent from every family involved did the same. The next day, and every school day after, the school bus was there!

What is wrong with our Santa Monica parents? How can they subject their children to this daily ordeal? How can anyone in this city?


Cecilia Rosenthal

Santa Monica

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