The City Council recently asked city staffers to draft regulations that may pave the way for medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Monica.


So, this week Q-Line asked:

Where do you stand on allowing medical pot shops in the city and why?

Here are your responses:


“There should be no pot shops in Santa Monica. The city is already overloaded with drugs. They come far and wide to partake in the readily available harvest. Pot shops feed right into the permissive attitude in this city. Everyone knows they are fronts for harder drugs. And as far as medical, that’s a laugh. There are many questionable M.D.s, sorry to say, who will write prescriptions for any price. You want more bums and addicts in this city, which is already overwhelmed with them? Go ahead and see what happens. Other cities’ horrors should have warned you. Some people never learn.”


“Hypocrites run our town! They forced no smoking bans everywhere, including our own apartments, yet several said they were in favor of legalizing pot when asked in the last election. They need to change their fascist anti-smoking laws to allow smoking pot in apartments. Legalize it, don’t criticize it!”


“Yes, I am definitely in favor of having a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Monica. I would like it to be either in a medical building or an office building and have it open either six or seven days a week at hours such as 9 in the morning to 9 at night, and not have it on the first floor and have a camera before you go in, and then when you go into the suite also have a security guard, but have it real simple for the people without having it blatantly advertised when you drive by and you can see what it is. Naturally the people would have to be certified and bring something from their doctor, but I am in favor of it. No more than two of them in Santa Monica.”


“Santa Monica doesn’t need pot shops. Just visit the Venice boardwalk and you will find three or four pot shops eager to serve you. If you aren’t careful you might get dragged in to see the kush doctor, who will even testify for you in court. There is no medical indication for marijuana. ‘Medical’ marijuana is just a phony excuse for people to get stoned. Of course, in the People’s Republic, smoking tobacco, a legal substance, is verboten, while anyone can light up an illegal weed without fear of punishment.”


“This issue only matters when it comes to collecting taxes. Have you seen how bad our city’s deficit is? Any revenue this city can collect will be valuable. For me personally, it does not matter if Santa Monica has any legal pot shops. There are mobile services and I can drive to Lincoln Boulevard in Venice to fill my prescription. In Santa Monica these businesses should be treated the same as liquor stores: Regulate their distance from churches and schools, not too many per neighborhood, etc.”


“So many people are using medical marijuana. If you believe every single one of them needs it for medical reasons, call me, I have this bridge I am trying to sell.”


“No. Medical pot shops should not be allowed. If medical marijuana is to be dispensed it should be done by regular pharmacies, not by head shops run by seedy misfits.”


“I do believe that Santa Monica should allow medical pot shops in the city. The reason is that people who are sick and in need of marijuana, it would make it less difficult. Why punish them [by] having [them] travel outside the city?”


“I don’t see what’s wrong with having legalized marijuana, as long as it goes to people who truly need it. I’m all for freedom of expression, so why not? I knew of a woman who had multiple sclerosis, and she used marijuana all the time to lessen her woes. So I’m all for it, as long as it’s properly administered and not sold to drug bums, of which there are many in this day and age.”


“As a resident and business owner for almost 34 years in Santa Monica, I say let’s allow regulated marijuana shops in the city. Coming from a background in the research industry business, it is a proven fact that medical marijuana treatments have less harmful side effects than most prescription drugs that are approved by the FDA. Let’s level the playing field away from the pharmaceutical companies’ stronghold on medical help for those who need it.”


“Here we go again with this pot menace. It’s disturbing to see how the city big shots who think they can do whatever they want. And then they are going to say, “oh hey, how can kids do things like that, killing each other for drugs?” It starts with pot and it gets even bigger. I see driving by the college on 17th Street and Pico Boulevard where there’s this group of kids, they still call them kids even though they go to college, hiding out behind the bus stop passing each other joints. Nobody says nothing. They just let them do it. Then of course all the kids beating up little kids because they don’t buy their pot, breaking their arms and beating them to death. Don’t the city and parents see what message they are giving to our youth? They are just going on and on with corruption. They will cry when these kids go out of control. Not only will they be driving with alcohol, but now marijuana. And why do they call it medical marijuana? Stop calling it that. It’s not medical. I see people who are very angry if they don’t smoke it 24/7.”

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