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Street parking congestion. Why? Some of it is due to landlords, corporations and their partners who, in some cases where parking is not included in your rent, charge enormous parking fees to park in your rental apartment’s area where there is parking for each unit.

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But with rents now so high in Santa Monica, the way to cut the expense and save the monthly parking charge is to try and park on the street, thus making it impossible for family who come and visit, friends and people with disabilities to find a parking place close by. Money talks and tenants walk.

In my building the corporation has raised most of the tenants’ parking from $75 a month to $200 a month. And some are on disability and or low income and have lived there for years. This has caused them to park on California Avenue or Second Street, Ocean Avenue, or wherever, due to the corporation’s number one goal — make as much money as you can, no matter who it hurts.

This is against fair housing. I have filed a complaint and notified the City Attorney’s Office. We must unite as tenants and take action.


Larry Isaacs

Santa Monica

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