Rendering of the proposed Miramar Hotel project. (File photo)
Rendering of the proposed Miramar Hotel project. (File photo)
Rendering of the proposed Miramar Hotel project. (File photo)


A few comments about Bill Bauer’s column (“Like it or not, change is coming to Santa Monica,” My Write, Aug. 5). I cannot tell you how totally shocked and disappointed I became upon reading what he related. It makes it seem as if he has “thrown-in the towel” and given up “the cause” that we have looked to him to help us fight, for so long.

He was the one that could always cut through the B.S. that the city of Santa Monica tries to feed us. Even if he does agree with what his friend said about the mindset of many arriving in Santa Monica, why would he ever want to have something so detrimental to stopping this kind of mindless housing being built, printed in his column? The idea is that we don’t want to be overrun by people willing to live in warehouse-like tenements that are on every corner in town! Santa Monica still, hopefully, has a fighting chance to stop the madness, through a focused effort to recall the relentless idiots at City Hall!

I thought something was wrong when Mr. Bauer became a “champion” of the Miramar Hotel redevelopment project and hoped it was just an isolated case. Now I’m worried, and hope he was just trying a little reverse-psychology to light a new fire under us. If that is true, it did not “come off” that way, at all, instead it made him appear to be a traitor to the anti-development cause! I hope he will clarify and restate exactly where he stands, because if he has gone over to the “dark side” I think, with little or no reservation, I can say that I and most of his fans and supporters are through with him!


Nate Wallis

Santa Monica

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