042710_X DUI checkpointThe Santa Monica Police Department will set up a DUI/driver’s license checkpoint at an undisclosed location in the city tonight, Aug. 16, according to a press statement released earlier this week.

Police will randomly stop drivers who pass through the checkpoint and check for signs of alcohol or drug-related impairment. Drivers found driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can expect jail, license suspension, insurance increases, fines, DUI classes, court probation and more.

The checkpoint is part of the police’s ongoing effort to reduce the number of alcohol-related car accidents in the city.

SMPD Lt. Jay Trisler said that 87 car crashes occurred last year in Santa Monica, in which two people were killed and 29 were injured, according to the statement.

Individuals who drink alcohol should have a designated driver or call a taxi instead of driving, police said in the statement.


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