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Many of us locals are justifiably angry at the rapid and shortsighted overdevelopment of our previously quiet town. I was born in L.A. and this I know for a fact because I’ve now watched this mindless SoCal-development show for 60 years. Los Angeles, and now its smaller cousin, Santa Monica, is for sale. Always has been, always will be. For sale.

Bill Bauer’s column (“Like it or not, change is coming,” My Write, Aug. 5) was quite accurate; young newcomers to Santa Monica think it’s terrific, overdevelopment and all. Yet the fact that the city panders to newcomers and out-of-town developers rather than locals seems wrong to me.

And if we learn nothing else from this mess, we now know that rapid overdevelopment goes hand in hand with bad architecture. In the end, after all the developers have banked their millions we will be left with a very crowded small city full of very mediocre buildings that age badly.

This will be our legacy to future Santa Monicans.


K. Zompa

Santa Monica

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