I noticed with interest that city officials are proposing to add four more stop signs at various junctions on Broadway (“Cyclists sound off on stop signs,” July 20). Many cyclists are upset as they feel that Broadway is a quick street for cyclists to get to work. One reader made a comment that stop signs would not make any difference, as most cyclists do not even stop at stop signs!

A perfect solution all round would be to use the British system of mini roundabouts. These work very well in Britain and really keep the traffic and cyclists moving. Santa Monica already has two circles or roundabouts, even though they are not true mini circles: one on 26th Street south of Montana Avenue and one in Venice on Windward and they both work very well.

Stop signs are really not the answer if you want to keep traffic moving. Many times you can come to a stop sign and stop, but there is no traffic coming the other way, whereas if it was a roundabout or circle you could just continue quickly without wasting time.

I do hope that somebody from the city traffic department considers this alternative.


Colin Langridge

Pacific Palisades, Calif.

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