Animator Charles Swenson's series 'Sidecar' will be featured in an exhibit at the haleArts S P A C E starting this Friday.
Animator Charles Swenson’s series ‘Sidecar’ will be featured in an exhibit at the haleArts S P A C E starting this Friday.

MAIN STREET — Charles Swenson is probably best known for his work as animator, producer and creative director for children’s TV series such as “Rugrats,” “Santo Bugito,” and “Aahh!! Real Monsters.” He has worked with talent such as Frank Zappa, Peter Yarrow and Harry Nilsson.

Swenson received various awards including an Emmy for Best Children’s Program, a Humanitas Award and a Cable Ace Award.

Throughout his busy Hollywood career, Swenson was also a fine painter and continues to create art. He is a full-time artist and paints everyday. Swenson’s art has been in group and solo shows all over Los Angeles. Several pieces from his “Nudes and Shoes” series were part of a Valentine’s Day show at haleARTS S P A C E in Santa Monica this past February.

The Santa Monica gallery holds openings every two weeks featuring local talent.

“The theme of the show is nostalgic and reminiscent of childhood dreams, familiar escapes and life’s experiences,” gallery owner Michael Hale said of Swenson’s latest work.

Hale admits he is a fan of Swenson.

“His extremely talented illustrative techniques and his wonderful sense of emotion that exude from his work are quite remarkable.”

As part of the haleARTS S P A C E exhibition opening Friday, Aug. 9, Swenson will showcase his “Sidecar” series, featuring a motorcycle with a sidecar. Here you can see his animation influence. The work is whimsical and brings to mind a child-like playfulness.

Hale felt this particular series is a perfect match for the exhibition, allowing Swenson’s vision to come alive.

“I love the way the inanimate objects become quite human and you ‘feel’ the ride they are on,” Hale said.

Hale has curated an exhibit allowing the childhood memories from each artist to be showcased. It will also feature the work of Jerry Shevick and Phyllis Stuart.

The show will run through Aug. 21. The opening reception will be held Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. haleARTS S P A C E is located at Edgemar Center, 2443 Main St. in Santa Monica. For more information, visit or

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