Xavier Rudd
Xavier Rudd
Xavier Rudd

SM PIER — Australian-born singer/songwriter Xavier Rudd has performed all over all over the world during his decade-long music career, but tonight’s Twilight Concert Series show will be his first in Santa Monica.

“It’ll be cool … something different,” Rudd said about playing the Santa Monica Pier.

Rudd grew up in a small town in Australia near Bell’s Beach, teaching himself several instruments.

“I always wrote music ever since I was little kid, before I ever knew what I was doing,” Rudd said. “Whatever was around, I would play.”

That early passion for music eventually turned into a career that is still going strong today. Since 2002, Rudd has recorded seven studio albums and two live collections

His latest album, “Spirit Bird,” is an example of what can be done when pop melodies are mixed with worldly instruments, giving listeners the feeling of being cast away to a far-off place while hearing sounds that are close to home.

The record is not without its quirks, such as the tribal-sounding song “3 Roads” and bird calls which migrate their way into each track, exemplifying just how talented and eclectic a musician Rudd is.

The name of the album, which is sprinkled with different bird sounds throughout, came about through Rudd’s “powerful” experience of writing and recording it.

“It’s a bit of a blur sometimes,” he said. “When spirit comes through, it’s like a dream. It’s almost like you become lightheaded and you surrender to what’s happening.”

Rudd sees the success he has had in his career as a “blessing.”

“I come from a small town in Australia, I play all over the world … I never really expected that and I’ve never taken that for granted,” he said. “Every day, I give thanks.”

Although he has seen many places and things in his travels, Rudd is not one to play favorites or set one experience aside from another.

“I’m not really a favorite kind of guy,” he said. “I like to not be attached to things. When we’re attached to something, we can’t be free.”

While he may not have a preference in terms of the places he’s been or even what instruments he plays, Rudd has a very clear idea of what music means to him.

“Music’s groovy,” Rudd said. “Music’s been connecting people and culture and energy and spirit since the beginning of time. That’s why people are so drawn to it”

Rudd hopes to bring out a “really vibey and really fun” energy from the audience when he plays his date at the pier.

“That’s the biggest blessing about what I do is the people who come,” Rudd said. “Everywhere I go all over the world is good, conscious, cool people that come along and it’s always a good vibe.”

Rudd is going to be touring for the rest of this year, and said that a new record may be in the works for 2014.




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