Each workday I download your paper, so while on the bus I can read your latest edition. I go right to the letters section.

On July 23, when I read the bold header title “They don’t stop,” [in Letters to the Editor] I thought the letter might be about the Santa Monica Police Department. At night while waiting and waiting for the Line 1 bus, we get verbally assaulted by folks who are really drunk, on heavy drugs or folks off their meds.

Now understand, day and night, we act as Santa Monica ambassadors answering questions about directions, buses, a convenience store location, all while waiting for buses that never seem to arrive within a reasonable time. And we do it with a gracious smile.

But acting as an undercover peace officer should not be a requirement for being a bus pass patron. We try to flag down SMPD Crown Vics and SUVs only to be dismissed as we watch the officers put pedal to the metal. Police sitting at a red light might hear us, but they just look at us like “why are you telling us?”

Santa Monica needs community police on foot because officers in vehicles, well, they don’t stop.


Cassidy Ford

Santa Monica

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