I find it quite interesting that the people against the removal of the Village Trailer Park are so dismayed that they finally lost the fight.

First of all, Marc Luzzatto owns the property; it is his to do with as he chooses. Contrary to the beliefs of some leaders running this city, we are not a communist nation. Land ownership in this country still affords owners property rights, at least for the moment. The years of delays in Mr. Luzzatto’s ability to develop his own property must have been very frustrating and extremely expensive.

I am completely against the eyesore that is planned to be built on the site, but the fact is that the City Council and the Planning Commission approved the design. It will look like a slum, resembling the design and architectural themes of North Korea and will be so very unattractive. For the people and families that are placed there or are forced to live there by financial constraints, how can you be happy living in boxy, cell-like units, with little or no airflow?

But your city leaders and planners have decided that it is what is best for you, and you have repeatedly given them the power to make these life-changing decisions for you, because you always re-elect them.

For those of you that thought Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights and the Rent Control Board are there to protect you, have you got a clue yet? Have you just now figured out that [those] running both don’t care about you at all? They are always cloaking their decisions, making processes to look like they are “for the people,” while the real priority is to make sure they keep their jobs and fund their retirement accounts. Wake up, “sheeple,” they are politicians and only care about themselves.

Stop complaining and whimpering and do something about it. Vote them out or recall them.


Lori Emerson

Santa Monica

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