I know I am showing my age, but where is the beef in the pro-development arguments?

For decades we have been told “increased tax base” and “new opportunities” and “growth,” etc.

Where are the bean counters when we need them?

What has the, let’s say, last decade of growth given us on the positive/pro side? Better schools? More security? Better response times for fire and police? Less vagrants and panhandling at bus stops? Connectability and more economical Internet and phone service? Easier commutes? Safer walks? Better transit service intra-city? (Do they even print schedules anymore? They can’t keep a schedule due to traffic.) Less noise? Fewer jets overhead? Fewer sirens? Fewer road closures and detours? Wider sidewalks (I mean the ones that are not closed)?

I think not since you, City Hall, has added buttresses and extended sidewalk dining into the former public right-of-way! And your newly protected class of cyclists use the sidewalks since they think your bike lanes are not safe, or so they tell me when I remind them sidewalk cycling is against the city laws.

I may not be up on the latest hi-tech and apps like the young ones, but I can tell you by my old stopwatch and adding machine that nothing is faster in Santa Monica, service isn’t better, and nothing is less expensive, at least for the staples that count. The infrastructure is not improved. It is the same as when I was born here, but with more wear and tear and demands on it.

The skies, the ones I can still see beyond the high-rises, are not bluer. The surfers tell me the surf ain’t what it used to be either.

So back to my original point: Where is the beef?


Dorian Nguyen

Santa Monica

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