I walked Downtown Sunday and observed the auto and pedestrian congestion. I noted some problems and would like to suggest some solutions.


1) Cars waiting many minutes (idling and polluting our air) for the sidewalk pedestrians to clear a way so they could enter the various parking structures.

2) Cars unable to make right and left turns at intersections. There was gridlock and too many pedestrians.

3) Cars blocking intersections and crosswalks.


1) One-way streets Downtown on the weekends. It works fine in Chicago. Every other street is one way.

2) Right and left turn auto signals so the pedestrian traffic stops completely for a time.

3) Pedestrian stop lights at the parking garages to give the cars a chance to get in and out.

Traffic engineers must have many other solutions that could be implemented. Let’s stop complaining about the traffic and do something about it!


Dennis Erickson

Santa Monica

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