A local attorney is giving bicycle helmets away in an effort to raise awareness of bike safety.

So, this week’s Q-line question asks:

Do you think a law should be enacted to make wearing bike helmets mandatory for adults?

Here are your responses:


“No, adult cyclists should not be required to wear helmets. They are already so brain-damaged, smashing their heads on the pavement could not possibly make any difference. They are totally out of control, and the city encourages them to be that way by practically non-existent enforcement. Adults are teaching their small children that it’s OK not to stop for pedestrians and crosswalks, stop signs and red lights and that it is fine to ride on the sidewalk. One cyclist, after breaking three laws and me almost hitting him, explained to me that driving is a privilege but cycling is a right. What an addled fool. Cyclists should be required to have a license and insurance, just like everyone else that uses public roads. If they are caught riding on the sidewalk, they should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. If they hit a pedestrian while breaking a law, they should be charged with attempted manslaughter. And if they kill someone, they should be charged with voluntary manslaughter. Maybe then, finally, they will obey the same laws the rest of us have to.”


“When have you ever known a lawyer to give or do something for free? Most lawyers are scum. Many of our politicians are former lawyers. They rarely do anything that doesn’t have a big payout. Mr. Steinberg probably got those bicycle helmets at a fire sale for pennies. This is just another Big Brother law like seat belts, motorcycle helmets, smoking bans… . It’s all designed to take freedom of choice away from the citizens. You see, people like Mr. Steinberg, our City Council, the Rent Control Board and Planning Commission are all smarter than you. You people are unable to think for yourselves. That’s why you have another greedy lawyer explaining why you don’t need a car but need a bicycle helmet so some day you can sue a car owner. The press is supposed to protect us from big government. Instead you give one of these lackeys a front page story.”


“I think it’s a great idea that adults should wear helmets, especially if these helmets have brains in them. As we know, most bicycle riders in Santa Monica don’t know what they’re doing. They run through stop signs, they run through red lights, they turn without signaling and they turn when they’re not supposed to, they ride on the sidewalk … . So yes, let’s make it mandatory for helmets and helmets with brains.”


“Yes, yes, yes.”


“What difference does it make if adults wear helmets? They go through red lights, they don’t stop at stop signs, they’re very careless, so I think that maybe pedestrians should be the ones that are wearing the helmets because I think we’re the ones who are in danger.”


“Helmets for cyclists fall into the same category as automobile seat belts, airbags, laminated windshields, crumple zones, collapsible steering columns, padded dashboards, anti-lock brakes, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, back-up lights, and rearview and side rearview mirrors. Like these safety features in vehicles, helmets also reduce the likelihood of injury or death and should be required. According to the California DMV rules for cyclists, during darkness front lamps, rear red reflectors and a reflector on each pedal or on the cyclists’ shoes or ankles are required. Also according to the DMV, ‘Even a simple fall can cause a life-threatening head injury. The brain is fragile and often does not heal the way that broken bones can. The damage can stay with you for life. Properly fitted helmets provide protection. By law, bicycle riders under 18 years of age must wear a bicycle helmet while riding on a public road (CVC ¬ß21212).’ I believe this helmet requirement should be extended to cyclists of all ages.”


“No, not before you enforce the existing law prohibiting bikes on the sidewalks; many more pedestrians are in danger than a few cyclists without helmets. And whilst you’re at it, prohibit skateboards on sidewalks, too.”


“An adult should be able to decide for himself or herself whether or not to wear a helmet. Steinberg is welcome to give out helmets and information, but there is no need for another intrusive law. That would be just another example of the nanny state trying to protect us.”


“If he is lobbying for bicycle helmet law, how much are the helmet companies paying him?”



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