The old post office, two affordable family restaurants (Norms and Denny’s), a beloved craft shop (Michael’s) and the Village Trailer Park are gone or will soon be. From having warmth and charm, the city is becoming cold and sterile. Once a beach town, it is a town with a beach in front of it.

The only thing sacred to developers is money, blue skies replaced by structures. Height and density, it’s called sustainability. The film industry, Silicon Beach and tourism, all here. Watch for buildings becoming more rundown, considered blight, then sold, redeveloped, and displacing diversity.

The residents are feeling the effects of no parking, traffic, noise and gridlock. Residential neighborhoods are becoming insignificant to pro-development City Council members.

Maybe we can put them and developers on a light rail and send them out of town, or resurrect a plaque stating pro-development council members were once here.


Miriam Ginzberg

Santa Monica

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