A crowd awaits Surfer Blood during the first week of the Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Concert Series. Several shows this season drew massive crowds, forcing public safety officials to shut down access. (Photo by Brandon Wise)
A crowd awaits Surfer Blood during the first week of the Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concert Series last Thursday. (Photo by Brandon Wise)

SMMUSD HDQTRS — Mark your calendars, kids, Board of Education meetings are making a move.

The Board of Education will meet on Wednesdays through the months of July and August in deference to the Twilight Concert Series, 10 free concerts held on the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday nights during the summer.

The concert series, a 29-year tradition in Santa Monica, conflicts with the regularly scheduled school board meetings, which generally begin early on Thursday evening and end well into the night.

It became a tradition under former Superintendent Tim Cuneo roughly four or five years ago, said Boardmember Ralph Mechur.

So far, the summer switch hasn’t attracted complaints from families that might want to attend the meetings, Mechur said.

“Groups meeting on Wednesdays during the year, (Parent Teacher Associations) and (District Advisory Committees) typically do not meet during the summer,” Mechur said.

It also helps that many of the meatiest issues tend to stay off of agendas during the summer while families who may want to be engaged are less likely to be around.

The change also gives parents and children the chance to attend the concerts, said Patti Braun, president of the PTA Council.

“Everyone is more relaxed, and people are able to flex their schedules a little more,” she said.

Board meetings will be back on Thursdays as of Sept. 19.




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