Crime Watch is a weekly series culled from reports provided by the Santa Monica Police Department. These are arrests only. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Saturday, July 6, at 12:23 a.m.,

Santa Monica police officers were on patrol along the 1700 block of Main Street when they saw a gray Toyota with front-end damage sitting on the front lawn of the Santa Monica Courthouse. Officers stopped and walked over to the car. They found the driver, who was the sole occupant of the car. The driver was not injured and could not recall what happened. During their investigation, officers said the female driver was under the influence of a controlled substance, hit a parked car and then drove up onto the courthouse lawn. Officers searched her car and allegedly found heroin, cocaine and several hypodermic needles. The suspect was booked for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. She was identified as Mara Breene, 31, of Palos Verdes, Calif. Her bail was set at $15,000.


Sunday, July 7, at 6:01 p.m.,

Officers were on patrol near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and 20th Street when they saw a silver Lexus driving eastbound with no license plate, a violation of the California Vehicle Code. Officers pulled the driver over at 23rd Street to see what was up. The driver told officers that he did not possess a driver’s license. Officers received consent to search the car and said they found methamphetamine and a glass pipe commonly used to smoke the drug. Officers placed the suspect under arrest for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, and driving without a license. The suspect was identified as Christopher Gonzalez, 23, of Santa Monica. His bail was set at $10,000.


Saturday, July 6, at 7:46 p.m.,

Officers responded to a business located on the 100 block of Bay Street regarding a report of someone trespassing. When officers arrived they spoke with someone who leases office space to treat patients. The man said he showed up to the office that day, his day off, and noticed a stranger inside his office. He closed the door and called 911. The suspect exited the building as officers arrived and he was taken into custody. He admitted to using the office several times. The victim said he noticed his energy bill had more than doubled in the past few months and didn’t know why. He now assumes it was because the suspect was essentially living in his office when he was not there. The suspect was placed under arrest for burglary. He was identified as Jonathan Hinkle, 36, of Venice, Calif. His bail was set at $20,000.


Friday, July 5, at 10:46 p.m.,

Officers responded to the area of Main Street and Bicknell Avenue regarding a report of domestic violence. When officers arrived they detained a man and a woman who were dating for five-plus years. The couple was hanging out at the beach for most of the day. The woman was bleeding from the face and told officers that the two were arguing about breaking up when the boyfriend allegedly threw car keys at her face. She had two lacerations to her face and some swelling. Officers placed the boyfriend under arrest for domestic violence. He was identified as Herbert Garcia, 21, of Whittier, Calif. His bail was set at $50,000.


Thursday, July 4, at 12:05 a.m.,

Officers responded to the corner of 20th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard regarding a report of a possibly suicidal woman in the roadway who was trying to be struck by oncoming traffic. When officers arrived they spoke with fire fighters who said the woman was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for herself. Officers spoke with the woman and placed her under arrest for public intoxication. While placing her in handcuffs, the suspect allegedly tried kicking one of the officers. She was eventually booked for battery of a police officer and public intoxication. She was identified as Carla Gireaux, 66, of Marina del Rey, Calif. Her bail was set at $20,000.


Wednesday, July 3, at 9:34 p.m.,

Officers responded to the corner of Second Street and Broadway regarding a report of a fight in progress. When they arrived officers found two men who work for the bar Copa D’ Oro who were trying to detain a suspect. Officers placed the suspect in handcuffs and learned from the employees that he allegedly tried to get into the club but was denied access. When that happened he allegedly spit on one of the bar employees working the front door. The suspect then took off running west on Broadway and when chased by both bar employees, he turned and allegedly started fighting them. During the fight, the suspect was able to get one of the bar employees in a choke hold. Just before the victim passed out, a witness came to their aid and restrained the suspect, who was booked for assault. He was identified as Zachary Farmer, 27, a transient. His bail was set at $30,000.


Editor-in-Chief Kevin Herrera contributed to this report.

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