Malibu High School (File photo)
Malibu High School (File photo)
Malibu High School (File photo)

MALIBU — After Malibu locals and city planning commissioners expressed overwhelming support to create thorough citywide lighting standards, the City Council will review subcommittee recommendations and likely greenlight plans to solicit help from a private consultant to help draft the ordinance with $25,000 in funding.

The Planning Commission, which has dealt with several community fights concerning lighting issues at Malibu High School in recent months, made a case for a lighting ordinance to the City Council in April. That prompted a unanimous vote by the council on April 9 directing a zoning subcommittee (ZORACES) to explore an ordinance.

ZORACES has recommended the city adopt a dark sky ordinance based on a template called the Model Lighting Ordinance, or MLO.

“The MLO outdoor lighting template is designed to help municipalities develop outdoor lighting standards that reduce glare, light trespass, and skyglow,” states a website for the International Dark Sky Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society, two independent groups which promote dark sky lighting.



This article originally appeared in the Malibu Times.

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