I have been walking by the Civic Center park project nearly every other day for the last year watching the construction progress.

It seems that there are some serious leakage problems with the new multi-tiered fountain project in front of City Hall. I have noticed that the contractor has been attempting numerous techniques to stem the leaks from the precast top sections which trickle down the supporting wall structures. It appears that there might be a serious design flaw in the fountain or a serious mistake in the construction assembly process.

Since this is a signature piece of the park design, I am wondering how these problems are affecting the opening timeline for the entire park?

Might you have time to report on this issue and alert the citizens of the city to how their precious tax dollars are being spent?

My questions are:

1) Is this a bad design issue?

2) Is this a poor construction and assembly issue?

3) Who is going to pay for the construction overages?

4) What techniques are being attempted to fix the leaks?

5) Who is going to pay for any ongoing maintenance issues in the months and years to come?

6) How can we as citizens guarantee that the city won’t be stuck with a fountain that eventually gets turned off and becomes an ugly concrete dinosaur in front of our main civic building?

This situation seems like a giant mess and one that might not be possible to fix since water always likes to take the lowest path of least resistance. It seems that a quick fix of epoxy or grout will be just that, a quick fix to get the city to sign off on the contract and leave us taxpayers with our fingers in the dike.


David Garden

Santa Monica

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